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Welcome to a very special place!

We hope that you'll feel at home here as you browse our resources.  Our goal is to be an encouragement to you, whether through email or personal contact, or through the resources we provide here.

Please feel free to "chat" with us through email.  In whatever way we can, our desire is to be a blessing to you!

Meet Us -- Meet the people associated with Illinois Special and Struggling Learners.  (That's us!)

Posts/Articles -- This is really the "main page" of our blog, where we post helpful articles on various topics of homeschooling with special needs.  We will also post upcoming events of interest to families homeschooling their special and struggling learners.

Post/Article Index -- An index of all the posts, articles, and events that we have posted.

Books/Audio/DVD -- A list of books that may be of help to you in your homeschooling journey, from academics to encouragement.

Curriculum -- A list of curricula that have been recommended to us, or that may help you in the area of academics.

Web Resources -- A listing of resources, websites, links, etc., to help you along your journey.

SN Adults -- We have been frustrated by the difficulty in finding resources for our family as our special son has matured into adulthood.  This section--a work in progress--will hopefully fill up with ideas, web resources, books, etc., as our special children grow up.